Beekeeping is for Everyone

We need more people to keep more bees

Beekeeper On Duty is an operation that helps you to get the information you need for Honey Bee Education, Beekeeping and Kombucha brewing. What do those three have in common? Honey of course!  

Me the
Beekeeper On Duty!

I will be showcasing the Kombucha Kits, Honey Straw Making Straw System, Pressurized Mini Growler Keg.

Come by and see me! 

Honey Bee Appreciation Day

August 18  Pickens, SC 

Honey Straw Making System now available. 
You can make Honey straws and Honey Packets
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Honey Bees


Honey Bees are for Everyone

Honey Bees how do you help our gardens to grow?  Honey Bees are important pollinators for all crops, our backyard gardens, the trees, and our flower gardens.  It doesn't take much to learn their basic operation and when you have knowledge you have the power to protect honey bees.  Allow the honey bees in your area to do their job!


Things to learn about honey bees:

  • How honey is made

  • How to keep them alive

  • Where to buy Honey


Have you thought about becoming a beekeeper? 


Beekeeping is for Everyone

Beekeeping is fun.  Getting to know honey bees is fascinating.  It a great family project and wonderful hobby.  Beekeepers will tell you, "It is impossible to learn everything about Honey Bees" While that is true, we can learn the basics and work with them to produce that delicious honey.  

Things to learn about Beekeeping:

  • Basic Honey Bee Operation

  • Becoming a Beekeeper

  • What else can I do?


We need more people to keep more honey bees.


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Local Activities - Where You Can Get Involved

We are located in Clover, SC

Learn Beekeeping at Lake Wylie/Clover Bee Club

Stop talking about it and START Beekeeping this spring.


You have to ask yourself what are your goals in beekeeping.  Produce Honey?  Produce Beeswax?  To get Healthy from products from the Hive?  To start a small business?  There are so many ways to look at beekeeping to give you everything you want and more like a revenue.  BUT it takes planning and a budget.  


Define Your Beekeeping Goal...I want to start beekeeping because ____________________.

We are meeting at Lake Wylie Christian Assembly  on the second Monday 7410 Charlotte Hwy York, SC the second Monday of the Month.
Contact us 803-981-2495 or 803-493-4413 to get more details. 


Taking your first steps...


Why take a class?  This is a 30 minute class that will help answer the questions: "What does it take?" and "Is Beekeeping for me?"

The second part of the class gives very basic honey bee education. Topics like: "How do Honey Bees find the nectar" and "How do they make the honey?"

Beekeeping and learning about honey bees is a multi faceted learning process.  It takes a full year to get the basics.  You will want to take a class to get the indepth information.

If you are interested please sign up today.
to get your link to the class. This will be fun!

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Everyone should Kiss a honey bee.

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