Do you have a beekeeping product or are you an Artisan related to beekeeping?  It is time to let everyone know what you can do. 

Beekeeper On Duty has exciting news! 

I want to help get the word out!  Sign up to be listed in the database.  The public is asking for honey, beekeeper services, speakers & artisans they can find you.  Other beekeepers are looking for your services too.  This service is free to you and to the public.  This program has not launched yet but I need your contact info & Service & Product info now to build the database.   


The form has not been completed yet.  Please email your contact information to me 


I need the following ino: 

  1. Name and Phone, Email, Biz Name, Website, and Social Media handles

  2. What is your service and/or product?

  3. (honey & product sales, beekeeper services, swarm removals, speaking presentations, building bee hives, mentoring services)

  4. Do you sell honey & products at retail locations? farmers markets? direct to consumers? Give the details on where to buy and your preferred way for the sale.


 Your contact information will not accessed by trolls & bots.  It will kept safe.

Everyone should Kiss a honey bee.

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