Here it is - A new website relaunch

December 21, 2017


It is coming into focus now....yes here i am. 




I am a beekeeper and a kombucha brewer. 



I am the owner and operator of Beekeeper On Duty.  I am hardly ever serious about anything when it comes to getting business done.  But when i see a need, i get busy.   There is a need for this website to do certain things to further my business and to help beekeepers and the public.  This website is the proclamation of great things to come.  Evolutions will take place in 2018 with this business.  



  1. Re-Launch the website.  It has been existence for 3 years, just now editing & defining it to match the business.

  2. Introduce the Honey Straw Making System.  Yes i did it!  I am the first one to do it and now there are other systems but mine is the best.

  3. Launch the Kombucha presentations.  I am the first person that is offering in home presentations and/or group presentations on how to brew Kombucha.

  4. Set up E-Commerce Store & Affiliate site.  Yes i have products that i want to sell instead of keeping them to myself.

  5. Create App that will help beekeepers connect withe public and the public connect with the beekeepers.

Social Media.  At the same time i am working on connecting my social media pages and creating followers.  If you are a follower please share what i do to your friends.  It is not just for beekeepers it is for people who like honey, honey bees, beekeeping and kombucha.


It took me long enough.   All that is listed above is my focus.  In the past, I have given 99% of my focus to other companies.  That has gotten me no closer to my dreams and goals of having a bonified business.  I am tuned in with what God wants me to do.  Here it is - this is what i do now!



Thank you so much for tuning in!

Cynthia Robinson

Beekeeper On Duty


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