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December 28, 2017

I know that you have been looking forward to seeing this in your inbox.  Will you take this journey with me for a month or two?  If you do not find what you are looking for then you can off me.  Refer me to your friends that you know are looking for this information.  I have been looking forward to helping everyone including all beekeepers, Kombucha brewer's and everyone else.   


The information on my website and/or Facebook is usually shared information from other sources.  Usually it is something i know to be true so i will share it with you.


  • Information: I am gathering information to help beekeepers find the help or information they need to be successful.  

  • Teaching: I will teach basic beekeeping and kombucha brewing. Everyone can join in! 

  • Connections: When the public needs a beekeeper how can they do that?  Well the Beekeeper On Duty can help connect them to a beekeeper.    

  • Brewing: Kombucha brewing is easy once you get started.  So I will be here to answer questions.  And yes I have everything you need to get started. 

  • Bee Sting Therapy: I am offering bee sting therapy to those that want to eliminate painful ailments in their bodies.  

  • Products/Services:  Beekeeping Services, honey, kombucha supplies and Presentations.


So here it is the one stop shop that helps you get it done. Stay with me for awhile eventually you see info that pertains to you., I promise. 


Thank You Cynthia



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