Is This Stuff For Everyone?!

February 16, 2018


I am sitting here (in a comfy chair) at my Georgia Airbnb waiting for the time to go set up my first ever vendor table as Beekeeper On Duty.  I am offering Kombucha Kits and Honey Straw Making System kits.  I have been dreaming of this moment for a long time, years in fact.  It is here and now i am questioning the validity of my product offerings.  It is gut wrenching question because the answer is YES!  I have to be BRAVE and show Georgia what i got matters.  No one is doing what i am doing.  I keep telling myself to

"Bee BRAVE .... just Bee BRAVE!"    


So where are all my Georgia customers?  They are anxiously waiting for the start of the Georgia Conference beginning tonight and continuing tomorrow.    That is what i am telling myself.  Then i am asking where are my South Carolina Customers for the Spring Conference.  Registration is happening now click here to learn more.


How do you like your honey?

Most have heard of Honey Straws and probably have bought honey straws.  But have they ever wondered if they can make their own honey straws?  YES we beekeepers have wondered that.  Well i did something about it.  I set out to find how a beekeeper could easily produce their own honey straw without a major expense.  This Honey Straw Making System has everything you need to make Straws and Honey Packets you just add your honey.  How Fabulous is that this?  "Very Fabulous" is what i would say.   Check out my system online at my shop.  click here.


Try something new 

Kombucha is my other Kit offering.  What is Kombucha?  (Kom-Bu-cha)  It is fermented tea that has a ton of health benefits.  It can brewed with honey or cane sugar.  They are both very tasty and very good for you.  It has been around for thousands of years from the 220BC China dynasty.  It was called the "Immortality Elixir"  I had to give up all sugar drinks including juice.  Sooooo i looked around for something that was fizzy and was good for you.  Viola' google said "kombucha"  I did my research and now i am brewing it professionally for beekeepers and anyone else that would like to step into a healthier journey.  

 I am working with people from all over to help them get started.  I offer Kombucha Kits and will come to you to give In-Home Demonstrations.  If you are beginner Fermenter, it takes a little coaching but so easy to catch on with the brewing process.  There is so much you can do with Kombucha, i am now developing & working on recipes.  If you are brewer already here is a recipe to use with the fruit from F2.  


Berry Good Ginger SCOBY Snack Recipe

My favorite is the Berry Good Ginger Kombucha.  I use the combination of fruit (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry) and ginger.  Tumeric is good with this recipe too.  Once the F2 is complete, I puree the fruit and put in a bowl. I then puree a couple of scobys.  I like to have equal amounts of each ingredient.  For example two cups pureed fruit/ginger mixture and two cups of scobys.  I mix together in the bowl.  i like to add honey about half cup.  Mix well.  Place in a dehydrator.  I use an oven with the temp on lowest setting and the door ajar.  i place on a cooky sheet with parchment baking paper.   It is just the right amount of chewy. You can see the ginger bits.  Together it is so decadent.  




This is it Thank you for reading my blog today.  I just needed to be liked by you today!  Follow me @BeekeeperOnDuty on all Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram





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